How to Make a Banner Ad

How to Make a Banner Ad

So you want to know how to make a banner ad? Luckily, you’re assumption that banner ads take hundreds of hours of graphic arts and programming training is dead wrong. In fact, with just a few minutes of practice using a simple, free design program, you should be able to put together a functional, good looking banner ad in no time.

What You’ll Need

When learning how to make a banner ad, you’ll need to download at least one simple software program. You could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on Photoshop, but why? Unless you plan on becoming a full time designer or have the extra cash laying around, Photoshop is a bit overpowered for our needs.

Instead, head over to and download the free photo and graphic editor Paint.NET. The software has been around for a few years and provides all the basic tools you would get with a $500 copy of Photoshop, though without some of the bel

How to Make a Banner Ad with Paint.NET

When making your banner ad, first start by setting the canvas size. You can start with a set size such as 468×60, which is a fairly standard horizontal banner. However, there are any number of other sized ads that you can use, including block ads at 250,250 or long form ads at 60×960. Alternately, you can set the size at double or triple the dimensions so you have a higher resolution to start with. This will ensure that any high quality images scale down properly when uploaded to your site.

Once you’ve set up your canvas, you need to lay down a graphical base. A background can be simple, and monochrome or much more complex with a series of images. However, whatever you end up doing, make sure it is singular, doesn’t flash and doesn’t do anything else too fancy.

Most banner ads are almost entirely text. This is for good reason. You need potential visitors to get some information out of your ad. Unless you’re trying to setup a viral campaign or build a brand, image only banner ads will only confuse your readers and send them elsewhere. Images should be used to augment your text, not replace it.

Make sure to use complementary colors as well. Any program that shows you how to make a banner ad will outline how these colors catch the eye. Red is a fantastic color and can be powerful when paired with red or yellow. Blue and orange work very well together, as do yellow and purple. Avoid color combinations that are hard on the eyes like red and blue or green.

The ultimate design decisions for your banner ad are up to you. Many banners will have some form of simple animation which can work well to draw the eye. I recommend you minimize how much animation you use, however. Lots of moving images and flashing can actually send someone off the site completely.

Faster Design

If you’re not fond of building your own banner ads from scratch, there are alternatives. For example, you can use XHeader or XHeader Pro. This software will allow you to choose from dozens of templates, add shapes and text and put animations to work for a website header. Technically, the software is designed for headers, but some quick dimension adjustments will allow you to make a banner easily enough. And if you’re not interested in learning how to make a banner ad, don’t forget the option to outsource.

There are services like which will flip around a very simple, $20 banner ad in less than a day or two. Just remember that a banner ad, whether made by you or a pro needs to be high quality and eye catching. When you learn how to make a banner ad, remember that you want to make sales, not drive people to another site.

Discover Powerful, Simple Online Internet Marketing Strategies

Discover Powerful, Simple Online Internet Marketing Strategies


When some people talk about the internet and how to market your business online, there are dozens of different strategies a business owner can use. From email marketing to SEO, there are literally a hundred ways to market  online. However, for most people, there is a great deal of confusion on what to do first. Not only that, but finding out what works and what doesn’t can also throw someone for a loop. However, let’s take a step back and discuss some important marketing principles that are a key component to any activities you do to promote your website. Here are some strategies to help you make your business a success.

How Online Internet Marketing Works

First, you should understand that there is a very basic underlying philosophy for Internet marketing. If you ask a business owner what they are selling, they are likely to tell you they are selling this widget or that widget, etc. However, you’re not selling a product or a website or an eBook. You’re selling a solution or an experience that the customer cannot get anywhere else. The customer has an issue and you are helping them to get the solution to that problem. Moreover, most Internet marketing focuses on targeting customers with urgency in mind. You’re solving a problem with immediacy that keeps them from going to a book store or a local department store where they might find a slightly less expensive solution. This is a great example of why you see a great deal of informational and digital products being sold online. People want their stuff and they want it now!

For example, consider an eBook for $37 about how to save a marriage. There are dozens of such books in print and the strategies in them are generally timeless. So, why would someone pay more for an eBook than the $24 copy of the same tips at a Barnes and Noble? Because they need those tips right now, not in a day or two when they have time to hit up a bookstore. Not only that, but they may also want their privacy intact as well, and not having a physical book in hand can help, especially in this case. Most online Internet marketing strives to influence this urgency and to remind the customer exactly how much of it there is.

How to Sell Your Products

Another important marketing concept is to look for the hungry market. In other words, what type of problem do people have, in which they need a solution to and they need right away? When it comes to making sales to those desperate buyers, you must first find a market that you want to target. It’s very important that you have at least some knowledge that this market is willing to spend money on a solution. What people will do is first create a product and then market that product. Imagine you spend hours and hours developing a product that no one wants to buy. That is a bad situation.

For online Internet marketing, you should turn to popular eCommerce sites, like Amazon, for physical products or Clickbank for digital products, to research your potential markets. You can also research niches on industry specific forums or blogs as well. After that, be sure to spend time developing a list of well researched, relevant keywords using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Traffic Travis, and your own insights.

Eventually, you’ll need to build some sort of sales funnel. The simplest funnels may only involve one web page, while more complex ones might involve a Twitter account, Facebook Page, article marketing, Squidoo Lenses, forum links, and email marketing collection forms. Your goal here, however you decide to start marketing, is to reach as many of your audience as possible and to convince them that you have the solution to their problem. We will get into these topics in other articles later on.

Online Internet Marketing Success

To make sure you are successful, I recommend three very important things.

  1. Learn to Influence Others – Study copywriting strategies and secrets from as many writers and researchers as possible. Learn the secrets of influencing others with the words you write or the videos you produce.
  2. Outsource Everything You Can – Your time is more valuable than you will ever know. The more often you can outsource your projects, the more time you’ll have to build sites,      research topics, and split test everything. The one thing I should mention on this too, is that make sure you know exactly what you want your outsourcers to do. My recommendation is this, document the steps for anything you can, so that there will be less time required to get the outsourcers up to speed. This will help a great deal in the beginning as you may have to go through a few people in order to get the good people on your team.
  3. Test and Retest – If you build a site and it doesn’t draw a profit in week one, keep trying. Every good website goes through testing and yours will be no different.
  4. Track Everything – There are business owners that are getting traffic, but have no idea where it is coming from. This is critical to ensure that ad campaigns are profitable and that your marketing efforts are focused on what is working for you. Imagine you are spending hours on something that doesn’t bring you any traffic. However, now imagine that time freed up and spending that same time on the marketing activities that bring you tons of fresh business!

Online Internet marketing is a complex process full of many little strategies that will take you time to master, no matter how much you read. But, if you are persistent, well taught and willing to learn from your mistakes, have no worries – you will be successful!

Welcome to Lessons In Marketing!

Welcome to Lessons In Marketing! Here we will share critical lessons that will help you grow your business. In addition, we will bring you insights of what is happening in the online marketing world that you can put to work right away.

Our goal is to help you learn and be successful.